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  • Description

    JW®3302 is a multi-cell battery stack monitoring and protection IC that includes a 12-bit ADC for battery voltage and temperature sense, a 12-bit ADC for charge/discharge current sense.

    JW3302 provides passive balance function for each cell and allows at most 3 consecutive cells being discharged simultaneously.

    JW3302 communicates with external control unit via SPI interface. More JW3302 can operate in series to monitor long string battery.

    JW3302 integrates complete protection function including over/under voltage, over/under thermal, over charge/discharge current, short and open wire.

    JW3302 supports both low-power mode and standby mode to achieve high efficiency with low power when charge/discharge current is minor.

  • Features

    1.  8V≤Input voltage ≤60V operation,75V transient

    2.  Monitor 14 series cell battery and support series operation

    3.  12-BIT ΔΣ ADC samples battery voltage and accuracy is 5V/212=1.22mV

    4.  Provide filtering mode

    5.  4 channels thermal sense and accuracy is 5V/212=1.22mV

    6.  Battery over/under voltage protection

    7.  Battery over/under temperature protection

    8.  Open wire connection detection

    9.  14 cells passive balance

       On-chip passive cell balancing switches

       Provide off-chip passive balancing

    10.  12-BIT ΔΣ ADC senses charge/discharge current and accuracy is 400mV/212=97μV

    11.  Independent discharge control by the CTLD control pin

    12.  Over Charge/Discharge current protection

    13.  Charge/Discharge Short protection

    14.  Reliable SPI communication(mode3)

    15.  3.3V and 5.0V LDO output for external application

    16.  External protection N-MOSFETs

    17.  Low power consumption

       During operation         1mA typ.

       During low-power       130μA typ.

       During standby          80μA typ.

    18.  LQFP-48 package

  • Specification

    1. Wide range of operation voltage 6V to 60V

    3. Cell number: 4~14

    4. Temperature detection point: 4

    5. Low side NMOS driver: 12V

  • Typical Application
Software and hardware support
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EV3302_S2_R0 DEMO PDF 1070 2019.01.16
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