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  • Description

    JW®4005H is a monolithic linear and switching voltage regulator, specially designed to provide efficient, low noise power to Satellite receiver’s RF LNB (Low Noise Block) converter via coaxial cable.

    The JW4005H integrates a current mode boost converter followed by a tracking linear regulator. A high switching frequency is chosen to minimize the size of passive filtering components, further assisting in cost reduction. The tracking linear regulator protects the output against overload or short circuit.

    The JW4005H provides a number of features described in DiSEqC. For DiSEqC communications, the 22 KHz tone signal can be generated from external clock, all the way down to no-load.

    JW4005H is available in TSOT23-6 packages.

  • Features

    1. DiSEqC 1.x Compatibility

    2. Up to 0.6A Continuous Output Current

    3. 4.5V to 14V Input Voltage

    4. Tracking Switch-Mode Power Converter for Lowest Power Dissipation, High Efficiency

    5. Boost Converter with Internal Switch

    6. Low Noise Linear Regulator Output

    7. External Input 22KHz Tone

    8. Boost Output Over-Voltage Protection LNB Short Circuit Protection with Hiccup Mode

    9. Over Temperature Protection

    10. Available in TSOT23-6 

  • Specification

    1. Input Voltage: 4.5V to 14V

    2. Output Voltage: 14.1V/19.2V

    3. Switch Frequency: 650kHz

    4. Output Current: 750mA

  • Typical Application
Software and hardware support
Title Type FileType Size( KB) Date
EV4005H_S0_R0 DEMO PDF 1409 2019.01.16
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