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  • Description
    JW®7719A is a synchronous rectifier, used for the secondary side rectification of Flyback. By driving an internal MOSFET, JW7719A is able to significantly improve the efficiency comparing with the conventional Diode rectifier. 
    When JW7719A senses VDS of internal MOSFET less than -300mV, it turns on the internal MOSFET. Once the VSWS is greater than -10mV, JW7719A turns off the internal MOSFET.
    JW7719A supports multiple operation modes, such as DCM, CrCM, CCM and Quasi-Resonant. By implementing the Joulwatt proprietary technology, JW7719A is able to handle CCM operation.

  • Features
    1. Supports DCM, Quasi-Resonant, CrCM and CCM operation
    2. Support the Flyback converter
    3. Output voltage directly supply VCC 
    4. Low quiescent current
    5. Under-voltage protection
    6. Fast driver capability for CCM operation
    7. SOP-8 package 

  • Specification
    1. MOSFET breakdown voltage: 100V
    2. MOSFET Rdson: 10mΩ
    2. Output voltage: 5V to 20V
    3. Output current: 3A

  • Typical Application
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