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  • Description

    JW®1696 is a single channel Linear LED driver with 500V MOSFET integrated, the output current is set by the external resistor. Patented current control strategy ensures high output current accuracy, good line and load regulation while the system is simple with few external components and very low BOM cost.

    JW1696 provides over temperature protection. When temperature inside the chip exceeds 150℃, JW1696 reduces LED current, which can help chip cooling.

  • Features

    1. High-accuracy output current.

    2. Over temperature protection.

    3. Brown out protection

    4. Good line and load regulation.

    5. No EMI problem.

    6. Compatible with TRIAC dimming.

    7. Low BOM cost.

    8. SOP8 and SOT89-5 package

  • Specification

    1. Input Voltage: 108~132/207~253 Vac

    2. PF>0.9 or PF>0.5

    3.Output Power:5W

  • Typical Application
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