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  • Description
    JW®1221 is a controller for removing the 100/120Hz LED current ripple of AC/DC power supply.
    Specially designed algorithms support the good compatibility for dimming and electronic load applications. The adaptive technics of JW1221 ensure minimum power dissipation while removing LED current ripple.
    JW1221 allows user to setup maximum LED current, which protects NMOSFET from being damaged when LED short connected or hot-plug.
    JW1221 also allows users to setup the maximum cathode voltage of LED string, which could help limit the power dissipation on chip. 
    JW1221 has multi-protection functions which largely enhance the safety and reliability of the system, includingVIN UVLO, short-circuit protection, LED open protection, and over-temperature protection.

  • Features
    1.Controller for adaptive 100/120Hz currentripple remover
    2.Compatible with dimming and electronic loadapplications  
    3.Built-in zener diode for input voltage
    4. VG output voltage high to 10V
    5. Programmable amplitude of LED current
    6.Programmable maximum cathode voltage of LED
    7.Programmable maximum LED current
    8.Short protection
    9. Over temperature protection
    11.SOT23-6 Package
  • Specification

    1.Input:18~200V  Output:5A

  • Typical Application
Software and hardware support
Title Type FileType Size( KB) Date
EV1221_S0_R0 DEMO PDF 324k 2019.01.15
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