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  • Description
    JW®1251O is a controller for driving external NMOSFET to remove the 100/120Hz LED current ripple on AC/DC power by a capacitor between VC and GND.
    The adaptive technology of JW1251O ensures minimum power dissipation on NMOSFET while removing LED current ripple.
    Patented control strategies are optimized for dimmable solutions. 
    JW1251O enables good ripple removing performance in the whole output current range and excellent system dynamic responding speed in the fast dimming.
    JW1251O provides short circuit protection and over temperature protection (OTP). OTP is triggered at 145ºC, ripple current will be released with the temperature.

  • Features
    1.Controller for adaptive 100/120Hz current ripple remover 
    2.Built-in zener diode for input voltage clamping
    3. VG output voltage high to 10V
    4. Programmable amplitude of LED current ripple
    5.Programmable maximum cathode voltage of LED
    6.Programmable maximum LED current
    7.Short protection
    8. Over temperature protection
    9.SOT23-6 Package 

  • Specification
    1.Input:12~200V  Output:5A

  • Typical Application
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