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  • Description

    JW®1236B is used to drive a LED string (≤80V), and remove the 100/120Hz current ripple on AC/DC power.

    Patented control scheme ensures the good ripple removing performance with ultra-low BOM cost, no external components.

    JW1236B provides all-round protections, output short protection (SCP), output open protection (OVP), HOT-PLUG protection and over thermal protection (OTP). When the OTP is trigged, ripple current will be released with the temperature.

    The maximum LED current is internally limited at 2.3A.

  • Features

    1.Adaptive 100/120Hz current ripple remover
    2.Input voltage range 15V~80V
    3.Built-in 80V power MOSFET

    4.Internal LED voltage limit
    5.Internal LED current limit
    6.Short/Open protection

    7.Hot plug protection

    8.Over temperature protection

    9.TO252-2 ,TO220-3 packages 

  • Specification

    1.TO252-2 Input:16~80V  Output:1A

    2.TO220-3Input:16~80V Output:1.8A

  • Typical Application
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