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  • Description

    The JW®7211 is an integrated hot swap and ORing controller that enables high power telecom systems to comply with stringent transient requirements. The 200-V absolute maximum rating makes it easier to survive lightning surge tests (IEC61000-4-5). The soft start cap disconnect allows for the use of smaller hot swap FETs by limiting the inrush current, without hurting the transient response. The dual hot swap gate driver saves space and BOM cost in high power applications that require multiple hot swap FETs. The 400-μA sourcing current allows fast recovery, which helps to avoid system resets during lightning surge tests. The dual current limit makes it easier to pass brown outs and input steps. Finally, it offers accurate under voltage and overvoltage protection with programmable thresholds and hysteresis.

  • Features

    1. –10V to –80V DC Operation, –200V Absolute Maximum

    2. Soft Start Cap Disconnect

    3. Dual Hot Swap Gate Drive

    4. 400-μA Gate Sourcing Current

    5. Dual Current Limit (based on VDS)

    –24.5 mV ±10% When Low VDS

    –3.7 mV ±27% When High VDS

    6. Programmable UV(±1.5%) and OV (±2%)

    –     Programmable Hysteresis (±11%)

    7. Integrated ORing Controller

    –Regulation: 25 mV ±15 mV

    –Fast Turn off: –25 mV ±15 mV

    8.Retries After Time Out

    9. Available in 16-lead TSSOP Package

  • Specification

    1. Input Voltage: 10V to 80V

    2. Output Voltage: Vin

    3. Current limit: Adjustable

  • Typical Application
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