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  • Description
    The JW®3655E is a buck boost converter targets HVDC fast charging system. The JW3655E supports 1 to 4 cells Li-ion battery, the full charge voltage and charge current can be programmable through external resistor. The JW3655E implements the Buck Boost converter with an H-bridge. The integrated low R DS (on) MOSFET minimizes physical footprint, maximizes  charge  efficiency.  Built-in  loop compensation simplifies the circuit and design. PFM is engaged to maintain high efficiency at light load current.
  • Features
    1.Integrate low R DS (on) power MOSFET
    2.Wide input range: 4.2V-21.0V, support 1 to 4 cells battery charge
    3. Full charge voltage can be programmable through external resistor
    4. High efficiency
    5.450kHz switching frequency
    6.Programmable charge current, up to 3A
    7.Quiescent current: <5uA
    8.Integrate batteryshort protection
    9.Integrate thermal protection
    10.QFN3X4-15 package
  • Specification

    1. input voltage: 4.2-21V

    2. up to 3A charge current

  • Typical Application
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