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  • Description
    The JW®7221 is positive hot swap controllers that allows a board to be safely inserted and removed from a live backplane or other hot power sources. JW7221 offers inrush current control to protect MOSFET against system voltage droop and transients. The function of power limit protection allows better utilization of the external MOSFET’s SOA.
  • Features
    Wide operating range: 9 V to 80 V
    Inrush current limit protection
    Programmable power limit
    Adjustable current limit: 55mV±11%
    Circuit breaker function for severe overcurrent events
    Internal high side charge pump and gate driver for external N-channel MOSFET
    MSOP10 package
  • Specification

    Wide operating range: 9 V to 80 V

    Adjustable current limit: 55mV±11%

  • Typical Application
Software and hardware support
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